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Performance Management

Elevating beyond conventional recruitment, we provide holistic post-hire solutions. Beyond talent acquisition, we facilitate seamless onboarding, optimising staff performance, engagement, and growth. Our four-pillared approach enriches both clients and candidates.

Performance management is a process that sets company-wide goals and helps employees make individual contributions to those goals. Each organisation needs to build this performance processes that fit its business and its human resources from goal setting, to ongoing check-ins, to development planning, to appraisals. At Peoplique, we help you implement an ongoing performance process with a variety of best practices that meet your business needs- and the needs of your managers and employees, now and in the future with flexible performance management tools.
According to Dale Carnegie, engaged employees help their organisations outperform their competitors by 202%. And, companies with dedicated engagement programs see a 26% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue, compared to those who do not have formal programmes. While Performance Management is about tying each employee’s performance to the company wide goals and bottom line, Employee Engagement is the work-related attitude characterised by high levels of energy, emotional commitment, and satisfaction derived from the work. Employees who are engaged in this way are more likely to work harder to advancing revenue and reputation of the company.
Training bridges the gap between the current skills and capabilities and what is desired in the employee. Training and coaching programmes helps also achieve the following:
  • Engagement: Empowering you employees to be more proactive in their careers by outfitting them with the tools and knowledge needed to advance their careers.
  • Succession Planning: Good leaders are hard to find, that’s why you have to train them yourself.
  • Fostering a culture of learning amongst employees, and even vendors and customers, will open up opportunities to expand learning enterprise-wide.
Although we recruit the best candidates, but still there is need to enhance their skills according to the job needs (job description and qualification required), there is also need to train about the organisational culture, market, industry, etc. Our service include:
  1. Training need assessment
  2. Gap analysis