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Pre-recruitment Services

Peoplique has a unique 100% effective operational model for pre-recruitment purposes. This model works across different spheres of industries, regardless of whether you are hiring in IT, Retail, Media and TV, PR/Marketing or Finance.
In Peoplique, we do believe that hiring the right staff for a position in your organization requires a thorough house-keeping duty, to ensure that the pre-staffing process is smoother.
Doing this will ensure that the recruitment process is effective, time and cost-saving. Our pre-recruitment procedures include the following;
  • 1. Job design and description
  • 2. Organisation structure
  • 3. Labor law compliance (HMRC, Pension, minimum wage)
  • 4. Employment Contract
  • 5. HR Handbook
  • 6. Policies and procedures
  • 7. Compensation management